Vegetable garden system

Vegetable garden system

This is 5-tiered cultivation system. for smaller heads of lettuce, you can harvest about 1000 heads in one month. If this were to be fit into a container of about 20 feet(6m)

it would be equivalent to 970sq meter. thus with 16 sq. meters, you produce an amount

that is on par with 970 sq. meters.

controlling illumination strength

In most cases, lettuce grown indoors is crisper and does not have the coarse quality of lettuce grown in sunlight. because it is softer, it is vegetable that is easy to eat for elderly people. Although this may be unexpected, as for the nutritional components or more accurately the functional ingredients. it is possible to obtain a larger content by percentage of vitamins and polyphenols than with vegetables grown in sunlight.

This plant factory itself has been here for 20 years, but there is very little history of plants grown with LED lighting.

In particular for plants with red, blue, and green lighting, the produce displayed at a plant factory exhibition


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