Why does Arai make such a crazy helmet design?

アライ クラシックMOD スカル
アライ クラシックMOD スカル


Arai’s 2016 new classic helmet designs are “Stars camel” and ” SKULL”

The stars camel is a very simple and an authentic design. Stars and stripes.

But, SKULL design is so crazy.

It”s very cute but who”s gonna buy?

It’s looks like Mexican’s Day of the Dead



Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead, is a holiday celebrated in Mexico & some parts of Latin America commemorating the dead. It’s native, it’s Catholic, it’s creepy, and it’s colorful as above.


Who is a target customers?


I am really interested in this design, I’d like to see it.

the other design CAMEL is  looks really good gold, but it seems more yellow.

I can say more egg.

You can see in youtube.

アライ クラシックMOD スカル
アライ クラシックMOD スカル






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